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Apr 16 - Commemorating 20 Years of Service - With a Youth Feast!

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Jan 10 - Commemorating Baptism with Faith Chests

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Youth FeastCommemorating 20 Years of Service -
With a Youth Feast!

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Youth FeastYouth FeastOn April 15, 2016 Pastor Elkin completed 20 years of service as Pastor at St. Mark's! To celebrate this occasion, Pastor Elkin chose to invite the youth and young adults with whom he has worked across these many years to a dinner in their honor. The dinner was held on April 10 in Fellowship Hall.

They have served in worship, served at table, and served in various age-appropriate activities and projects, and this is an opportunity for the adults to serve them!

Youth FeastPastor Elkin has baptized many of them, worked with them as acolytes, musicians, and catechetical students, and welcomed their enthusiasm in all the things which we do together. What a great group of young persons!

Youth FeastTwenty of them attended the event.

The meal was prepared by our Iron Chef friends, those persons who have helped Pastor Elkin in the Iron Chef competitions over the past seven years. Ed Barone is the head chef of the group which includes Bernadette Jones, Kathy Eshelman, Gary Weber, Ruth Rees, and Todd Smith. They prepared an exotic menu and had a great time in the process!

Youth FeastWhat was served? Appetizers: Candied bacon, Fruit salsa with cinnamon chips and Bourekas (Israeli puff pastry and cheese after school snack); First course at table: Mango soup with cheese straw; main course: Turkey ravioli with sage cream sauce and yellow & red pepper sauces garnish, green bean bundles and tangzhong rolls (Japanese layered white bread); dessert: deep fried crepe shells with vanilla ice cream and choice of Bananas Foster or Cherries Jubilee. 

After dinner an eclectic mix of voice and instrumental musical pieces were performed by the Pastor and his musical troupe.

It was a very interesting and fun evening for all involved.