St. Mark's Lutheran Church

(Summarized from the November 1969 Parish News)

On October 17, 1969 the ten bronze bells cast by the Petit & Fritsen Company of Aarle-Rixtle, Holland, were installed in the bell tower of St. Mark's new church building. Cast in bronze on the exterior of the bells are the following inscriptions The bells are deliveredalong with the weight and pitch tone of each bell:

  • 121 lb. ‘B’ bell. In honor of St. Mark’s children.
  • 147 lb. ‘A’ bell. In honor of St. Mark’s women.
  • 165 lb. ‘G sharp’ bell. In honor of St. Mark’s men.
  • 190 lb. ‘G’ bell. To all who make music “Soli Deo Gloria”
  • 225 lb. ‘F sharp’ bell. “In memory of St Mark’s Service Men., “Proclaim liberty throughout the land, unto the inhabitants thereof.”
  • 310 lb. ‘E’ bell. “I will set up Shepherds over them.”
  • 440 lb. D’ bell. “Come before his presence with Thanksgiving.”
  • 530 lb. ‘C sharp’ bell. “Gloria Spiritui Sancto” “The Spirit of Truth...shall testify of me.”
  • 760 lb. ‘B’ bell. “Gloria Filio” “ I know that my Redeemer liveth.”
  • 1100 lb. ‘A’ bell. “Gloria Patri” “In the beginning, God…”