St. Mark's Lutheran Church

The Way

The Way is not:

  • a secret society
  • an elitist group
  • only for one age group

Rather, The Way is:

  • a chance for interested persons, from teen to mature age, to grow together in the faith
  • a chance to explore new areas and review things learned years ago
  • a chance to meet folks and make new friends a chance to better understand the scriptures and see how they apply to daily life.

The adult catecheumenate program, The Way, was developed at St. Mark’s to facilitate the process of faith forming for adults. The process in which the basic disciplines of the Christian faith, worship, prayer, scripture study, and ministry in daily life, are studied, discussed, understood, and used.

Throughout the year we share our thoughts and ideas leading to the reaffirmation of our baptism in Christ. Along the journey of faith we have the opportunity to experience a spiritual growth in the community of the church as well as within ourselves.

THE WAY is for:

  • unbaptized adults
  • adults from other Christian denominations
  • adults from other Lutheran congregations
  • questioning adults wanting to grow in their relationship with Christ
  • St. Mark's members who wish a deeper understanding of their faith