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St. Mark's Music in Video

● Pentecost II 2020 (6/13/2020)

● Trinity Sunday 2020 (6/6/2020)

● Pentecost 2020 (5/31/2020)

● Service for the Seventh Sunday of Easter (5/24/2020)

● St. Mark's Greatest Treasure (pt 2) (9/27/2009)

● St. Mark's Greatest Treasure (pt 1) (9/27/2009)

● Simple Gifts Performance (12/24/2007)

● In the Beginning… (8/5/2007)

● Vacation Bible School Closing (6/1/2006)

Sam RobinsonSince the time of Martin Luther, the Lutheran Church has been known as "the singing church." At St. Mark's, we proudly embrace Luther's example in our worship services and with special musical events throughout the year. We express our faith through hymns and choral works, with instrumental music and in stage productions. Music is the heart and soul of St. Mark’s - and each member of the congregation plays a role in this expression of our faith through music.

The core of the ministry of music at St. Mark’s is the magnificent pipe organ located in the nave of the church. The organ, built by the M. P. Moller Company of Hagerstown, Maryland, contains 2692 pipes that are given voice by air blown into large reservoirs by an electric blower located in the basement of the church. Because of the design of the nave and natural materials used, the acoustics for music are superb. Thus, the organ in its fine acoustical setting pours forth its notes with great brilliance and majesty.

ChristmasBeginning Sunday May 24, 2020, we welcomed Music Director, Samuel Robinson. He came on in that difficult period where services were online due to the Covid-19 but he has been providing music for our online services since then, with music before and after the service and hymns during the service. Sam is a 2015 graduate of Bucknell University with a Bachelor of Music degree.

Several opportunities for regular musical participation in the worship services are available to our families. The Senior Choir, the Adult Handbell Choir, and the Family Handbell Choir meet regularly and present the fruits of their hard work frequently during Sunday services. Additionally, many talented members of the congregation are called upon through the year as soloists and instrumentalists.  On a recent Christmas Eve,  a number of our more talented youth formed an orchestra to play Christmas carols.  A Women & Children's Dinner showcased our talented young people.

Confirmation 2015ln the past, full scale musical productions have been undertaken by the young people of St. Mark’s, with vocal assistance from their parents and others. “In the Beginning...”, a musical production based on the Creation, was performed for a large crowd at a Sunday dinner theater, after a week of “choir camp.” Christmas Eve services were enlivened with the pageant, “Simple Gifts of Christmas." “The Seeds That Grew to be a Hundred” was also preformed for a large crowd in Fellowship Hall. 

At St. Mark’s music is a part of our worship, our Youth and Family Ministry and our social life. Through our music we learn, we praise and we celebrate.