St. Mark's Lutheran Church

Organ screen containing carved plaques. The organ behind the altar and chancel speaks through a great wood grille containing polychromed symbols in traditional and modern treatment. The symbols are carved from wood and duplicated on both sides of the dossal, but with different carving or design.

5 Pointed Star, basswood plaqueThe basswood plaques were designed and carved by wood and stained glass artist Val Sigstedt, of Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania, in 1958 and 1959.  Interestingly, the church archive contains an invoice dated December 6, 1958 from "Wood Sculptor" Thorsten Sigstedt   for one plaque - in the amount of $100.00.  In August, 1994, Val Sigstedt called the church office requesting pictures of the organ screen which holds the plaques.  In that manner, it was discovered, for the first time, that Val Sigstedt was the artist who had created the plaques.

When contacted in 2003, Val Sigstedt was kind enough to provide a biography and to provide background concerning the design and carving of the plaques.  It turns out that the $3,000.00 payment for the 30 plaques was used by Sigstedt as a down payment on the studio, in which he currently works!

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