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  Prayer Pillow Milestone - On Sunday, February 25, we celebrated the Prayer Pillow milestone. The recipients this year were Asher Buckman, Max Applegate, Alverda Comerford, and John Bower.  (Read more...)


  Commemorating Baptism with Faith Chests - On the anniversary of the Baptism of our Lord, Asher Buckman and John Bower celebrated the milestone of their baptisms during the past year.  (Read more...)


  Baptisms Celebrated on All Saints Sunday - Asher Buckman & John Edward Bower Baptized  (Read more...)


  Prayer Pillows! - On February 23, 2014, St. Mark's 2 year olds received their very own Prayer Pillows. The Milestone was celebrated by Breanna Bower, Jonathan Lynch and Eliot Mazer Elkin.  (Read more...)


  John Bower Basketball Teams Wrap Up Season - St. Mark’s John Bower Basketball League Lions ended another successful season.  (Read more...)


  St. Mark's Lions Basketball - St. Mark’s John Bower Basketball League Lions ended another successful season. The occasion was celebrated with an awards party in fellowship hall, on March 10.  (Read more...)


  Bower Basketball Teams Honored - St. Mark’s John Bower Basketball League Lions ended their 2011 season with a pizza party.  (Read more...)


  Easter Vigil Baptisms Celebrated - Tanya Sheets and her daughter, Audrey Bower, were baptized at the Easter Vigil in April 2010  (Read more...)


  2009-10 St. Mark's Basketball Teams - St. Mark's John Bower basketball teams recognized on February 21, 2010.  (Read more...)


  Sunday School Basketball teams 2007 - John Bower Sunday School Basketball League season 2006-07  (Read more...)


  2005-06 St. Mark's Lions - St. Mark's entered two teams in John H. Bower Sunday School Basketball League competition.  (Read more...)