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  Palm Cross Making - On Saturday, April 8, 2017 eight of us gathered to make 175 palm crosses which were available during both Palm Sunday services.  (Read more...)


  Pastor West Installed as Intentional Interim - It's official! Pastor James West was installed as St. Mark's  intentional interim Pastor on Saturday, March 11.  (Read more...)


  Welcome Pastor James West - St. Mark's . . . give a hearty welcome to our interim pastor, James West! He will be joining us for services on January 29, 2017. We look forward to worshiping with Pastor West for the foreseeable future, while we work through the process of calling a new pastor.  (Read more...)


  Recognizing & Honoring All the Saints - At both liturgies on All Saints Sunday, November 6, 2016, we recognized and rejoiced in those who joined the Church Militant by Holy Baptism and we honored and remembered those who have moved to the Church Triumphant.  (Read more...)


  Pastor Elkin Announces Upcoming Retirement - Pastor Elkin has announced that he will be retiring at the end of 2016.  (Read more...)


  Youth Conduct Service - Sunday, May 8, was a special day for the youth of the congregation. Our young people filled all the service assistant roles at the 10:30 worship service, except those of pastor and organist!.  (Read more...)


  The Vigil of Easter - This holy night is the most solemn festival in the entire year, since it deals with the central mystery of our redemption - Christ's saving death and his glorious resurrection.  (Read more...)


  Making Palm Crosses - To celebrate Palm Sunday, everyone entering the Nave will receive a palm cross. Every year, these crosses are woven with care by a group of dedicated folks, on the Saturday before the service.  (Read more...)


  Join the Bell Choir! - The Bell Choir is calling you! Will you answer?  (Read more...)


  Lenten Services Scheduled - Special services are scheduled for mid-day and 7 PM during Lent.   (Read more...)


  Brother Heinrich's Christmas - On Christmas Eve, at the 7:00 service, with a cast of thousands, the Congregation was treated to a presentation of Brother Heinrich's Christmas.  (Read more...)


  Recognizing & Remembering All the Saints - We recognize and rejoice in those who join the Church Militant by Holy Baptism and We honor and remember those who have moved to the Church Triumphant in 2015  (Read more...)


  Sights from Easter Sunday - Gathering for breakfast; attending services; the beautifully decorated nave.  (Read more...)


  Passover Seder Celebrated - St. Mark's members and guests gathered on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 to celebrate the Passover Seder.  (Read more...)


  All Saints Sunday - We recognize and rejoice in all those who have joined the Church militant by Holy Baptism and honor and remember all those who have moved to the Church triumphant in the past year.  (Read more...)


  Recognizing our volunteers - On Sunday, July 20, we recognized the continuing work of four retired men who spend some time at the church most every week: Bob Miller, Tim Maggs, Carl Hieber and Carl Albright.  (Read more...)


  Holy Week Services Scheduled - We have a full round of worship and activities set for Holy Week.  (Read more...)


  Youth "Open Hearts in Bethlehem" on Christmas Eve - On Christmas Eve, thirteen of our young people here at St. Mark's gifted their church family with a revealing presentation of the story of Jesus' birth.  (Read more...)


  All Saints Sunday 2013 - All Saints Sunday - Recognizing and rejoicing in all those who have joined the Church militant; honoring and remembering all those who have moved to the Church triumphant  (Read more...)


  Photos from Consecration Sunday - Consecration Sunday was celebrated with meals and a special appearance from Pastor Shipman.  (Read more...)