St. Mark's Lutheran Church

Rick HistorySt. Mark's history has been recorded in several narrative documents.  The most recent was prepared for the 2002 church directory.  Although this account is the most up to date, it is also the most cursory.

A more comprehensive summary was prepared in 1990 on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the dedication in 1960 of the new St. Mark's Lutheran Church building.

The most complete historical summary of the early years of the Church was prepared by Pastor William F. Rick in 1896, and was published with the Church directory of that year.  Pastor Rick's account contains great detail on the founding of the Church, and of the early trials and tribulations of the St. Mark's congregation.  This account was updated in  1927 by then Pastor Yount and in 1952 by then church historian, Helen Clokey.

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