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Dez 29 - The Tower Spire Returns!

Dez 29 - Advent Gift Trees

Dez 19 - Christmas Cookie Baking

Dez 19 - Kids Night Out

Dez 16 - Scenes from A Christmas Carol

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Nov 30 - 1st Communion & 3rd Grade Bible Milestone

Nov 7 - Honoring all the Saints

Nov 7 - Blessing of the Keys - Riley Weber

Okt 25 - Celebrating Consecration Sunday

Okt 25 - Off to the Farm!

Okt 18 - Blanket Sunday - Harvest Home Sunday Celebrated

Okt 6 - St. Mark's Adds Members

Sep 26 - Fall Bazaar a Success!

Sep 16 - Catechetical Studies Underway

Sep 9 - Confirmation 2012

Sep 2 - Sunday School Kick-Off

Aug 30 - Milestone: 70 or more years of praising Christ

Aug 5 - Progressions Milestone Celebrated

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Jul 15 - Bardo Baptism Milestone

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Jun 22 - Synod Assembly Report

Jun 22 - VBS in Babylon

Jun 5 - Scenes from the Summer Picnic

Jun 3 - Fishing!!!

Mai 27 - Hershberger-Hieber Wedding Milestone

Mai 27 - St. Mark's Women & Children Dinner

Mai 9 - Register for 2012 VBS!

Apr 29 - 2012 Annual Report issued

Apr 7 - St. Mark's annual Easter Egg hunt

Mrz 23 - "Spoon of Doom" Returns to St. Mark's

Mrz 17 - St. Mark's Lions Basketball

Mrz 10 - Confirmation Trip

Mrz 9 - Iron Chef Williamsport Challenge Issued & Accepted

Feb 14 - YouthQuake Zone 2012

Feb 7 - Languages Milestone Awarded

Jan 28 - Commemorating Baptism with Faith Chests

Jan 28 - Lenten Study Schedule Announced

Jan 28 - Acolyte Training

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Pastor Elkin, Chef Ditchfield, Gary Weber, Bernadette Jones"Spoon of Doom" Returns to St. Mark's

Iron Chef Williamsport raises funds for Family Promise

Pastor Morris, Mark Tilburg and Dennis WeaverThe fourth annual Iron-Chef Williamsport competition to support Family Promise took place on Sunday evening, March 18, 2012, before a large and lively crowd. In a hard fought battle, St. Mark's recovered the title it lost to the St. Joseph the Worker team, in 2011.

Balls Mills team at workThis year, St. Mark's was challenged by an all male team from Balls Mills United Methodist Church.  The Balls Mills team, nominally led by Pastor Jay Morris, included Mark Tilburg and Dennis Weaver.  Pastor Morris seemed to be relegated to stirring the creamy barley risotto, as Mark and Dennis put together a meal of turkey marsala topped with mascarpone cheese, zucchini with a creamy sauce, and dessert made from a toasted tortilla shell,  strawberry amaretto pudding and a chocolate port wine reduction.  The meal was served with Balls Mills Naval Academy mint tea.

Making pastaRolling black pepper pastaThe St. Mark's team included regulars Pastor Elkin and Bernadette Jones, and new member Gary Weber.  The team combined two of their required elements (turkey and pasta) into a ravioli.  The turkey was seasoned with fresh herbs, cheese and a mid-eastern spice called za'atar, stuffed into black pepper pasta and covered with a lemon cream sauce.  This was served with Brussels sprouts served in a chicken broth and cream sauce.  The dessert, blueberry Jengo, was most challenging as it included home-made blueberry ice cream, fresh blueberries, puff pastry and whipped cream, all flavored with hints of lavender honey and Limón cello.

Chefs Hess, Zerbe & GroveThe spoon of doomArea chefs judged the teams on taste, presentation, and originality. This year's judges were Peter Zerbe, Executive Chef of Lycoming College Dining; Chris Grove, Sous Chef of Williamsport Country Club; and, Angela Hess, Pastry/Sauté Chef of Williamsport Country Club.

The foodNicole Walz, of the country club, and Mike Ditchfield, of LeJeune Chef, refereed the event, while local entertainment personality Mike Cashera emceed.

The crowdIron Chef Williamsport had two aims: to raise money and friends for the Family Promise program and to bring folks together for mutual enjoyment and community-building in friendly competition. The contest was projected on the large screen on stage, in Fellowship Hall.  More than $4,000.00 was raised for Family Promise.

The competition was friendly.  All the participants enjoyed the challenges involved in preparing and serving an exotic meal in one hour.  The cause was a good one, well worth the effort.

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