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Dez 18 - Photograph's from Pastor Elkin's Retirement dinner

Dez 13 - Cookies, Cookies & More Cookies!

Dez 12 - Preparing for Christmas - Kids Night Out

Dez 5 - Praying for our College Students

Dez 5 - A Christmas Carol Performance

Dez 1 - Making Advent Wreaths

Nov 30 - Pastor Elkin summarizes 20+years of life together in St. Mark's?

Nov 21 - Christ the King Sunday Milestones

Nov 14 - Pack 'n Wrap at Redeemer

Nov 6 - Recognizing & Honoring All the Saints

Okt 29 - Celebrating Reformation Sunday

Okt 16 - Gage Charles Pittinger - Baptism Milestone

Okt 16 - Harvest Home Sunday

Okt 9 - Crop Walk 2016

Okt 5 - Support the St. Mark's Crop Walk team

Okt 2 - Photos from Consecration Sunday

Okt 2 - It's Raining Quilts - They're Everywhere!

Sep 19 - Confirmation Milestone: Sean Jensen & Dylan Ott

Sep 12 - CELEBration!

Sep 12 - Fall Bazaar Brings in Funds for Charity

Sep 4 - Christian Education: Learning & Encouraging the Bible

Aug 24 - Locked-in at St. Mark's

Aug 12 - St. Mark's 2016 Fishing Derby

Aug 12 - Pastor Elkin Announces Upcoming Retirement

Aug 10 - Kits for victims of Disaster & Poverty


Jul 23 - Helping Hands Day

Jul 6 - St. Mark's July 4 Hospitality

Jun 29 - “La frontera: Where Jesus Meets Us”

Jun 28 - Stefan Weber and Jacob Schreckengast celebrate driving milestone

Jun 28 - Synod Assembly report; Bishop elected

Mai 17 - 2016 Annual Congregation Assembly

Mai 9 - Youth Conduct Service

Mai 9 - 2016 Annual Report

Apr 24 - Applegate Baptism Celebrated

Apr 21 - Pastor Elkin's Surprise Party Celebrating his 20th Year at St. Mark's

Apr 16 - Commemorating 20 Years of Service - With a Youth Feast!

Apr 6 - Food Packaging Event

Mrz 27 - Breakfast with the Pastor & Easter Egg Hunt

Mrz 26 - The Vigil of Easter

Mrz 25 - 2016 Confirmation Trip

Mrz 19 - Making Palm Crosses


Mrz 5 - Tubing

Feb 17 - A piece of our past: 1941 Confirmation Class

Feb 8 - Prayer Pillows for Brennan and Dallas

Feb 8 - Join the Bell Choir!

Jan 31 - Lenten Services Scheduled

Jan 10 - Commemorating Baptism with Faith Chests

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Fall Bazaar Brings in Funds for Charity


Bazaar2016The Women of St. Mark’s heartily thank the congregation for their many, many donated items, donations of food for the kitchen, plus their assistance with our annual bazaar. A special thank you is extended to Deb Holmes for securing freshmen students from Lycoming College to assist in bringing all the tables and the many items from the basement to Fellowship Hall. The students’ energy seemed boundless. Then in the days preceding the sale, several men and women worked each morning to organize the tables in preparation for the big event. During that time it was determined that we needed Crossways Room to hold all the Christmas items.

Bazaar 2016On the day of the bazaar Fellowship Hall seemed filled to capacity with shoppers. The kitchen, under the direction of the Second Saturday folks, saw many hungry customers in addition to our own folks. Fellowship Hall remained busy throughout the day with steady sales.

At the conclusion of the sale, it was inspiring to see several of our members and their children assisting with the clean-up. A special thank you is given to Carol Johnson from Redeemer Lutheran Church, Pam Jensen and Vicki Haussmann for creating our Christmas Shoppe, Bernadette Jones for her Facebook posts advertising our event, our Second Saturday folks for the tasty lunch, Lou and Linda DeSeau and Pastor Elkin for their invaluable assistance throughout the week.

Bazaar 2016Items not sold at our sale were donated to the Shepherd of the Streets, Daniel’s Closet, Newberry Branch of NGA (Needlework Guild of America), Relay for Life/ Lancers Against Cancer, Operation Christmas Child, Parish Life at St. Mark’s, the local SPCA and the American Rescue Workers.

This year we raised almost $1,900 with the possibility of more money being donated. These funds will be distributed by the Women of St. Mark’s in support of charities both locally and globally.