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12.28.2015 - Presenting the Affirmers

12.25.2015 - Brother Heinrich's Christmas

12.21.2015 - Kids Night Out

12.1.2015 - Advent means it's wreath making time!

11.4.2015 - Pack 'N Wrap for Operation Christmas Child

11.4.2015 - Baptisms Celebrated on All Saints Sunday

10.29.2015 - Help For the Cold & Hungry

10.29.2015 - Recognizing & Remembering All the Saints

10.29.2015 - Flashlight Safari

10.18.2015 - Consecration Sunday 2015

10.18.2015 - Stephen Ministers Commissioned

10.17.2015 - Help For the Cold & Hungry

10.3.2015 - Heat's On! Check out the new "boiler"

9.27.2015 - New Catechetical Students Greeted

9.19.2015 - Fall Bazaar a Success!

9.17.2015 - Confirmation 2015

9.10.2015 - Breakfast Heralds Sunday School 2015 Start

9.9.2015 - How Do You Want St. Mark's to Improve?

8.18.2015 - Second Saturday: Drinks for All

8.10.2015 - Milestone: 70 or More Years of Praising God

8.4.2015 - 2015 Synod Assembly Report

8.4.2015 - Helping Hands

7.21.2015 - Photos: Synod Assembly & Lay Ministers

6.23.2015 - Progressions Milestone

6.7.2015 - Summer Picnic Photos

6.1.2015 - Fishing Derby at Doebler's Pond

5.30.2015 - Register for Vacation Bible School 2015

5.28.2015 - Pastor Schmitthenner Passes

5.17.2015 - Annual Congregation Assembly

5.17.2015 - Passing on Faith: Anniversary Milestone 2015

5.8.2015 - Women & Children's Dinner

4.29.2015 - 2015 Annual Report

4.23.2015 - Confirmands Track Down History

4.6.2015 - Sights from Easter Sunday

4.4.2015 - Easter Egg Hunt and Breakfast

4.2.2015 - Passover Seder Celebrated

3.5.2015 - Tubing Event!

3.4.2015 - Iron Chef 2015 Supports Family Promise

2.14.2015 - St. Mark's Hobby Day

2.9.2015 - Upcoming Snow Tubing Event

1.28.2015 - Youth Quake/Zone Event

1.11.2015 - Iron Chef Williamsport is back!

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Brother Heinrich's ChristmasBrother Helmrich's Christmas AUTHOR'S NOTE: According to a familiar legend, the lovely carol In dulci jubilo was first sung by a band of angels, who came down to visit the 14th-century Dominican mystic Heinrich Suso and dance with him one night when he was unhappy and in low spirits. After the angels had departed, Suso wrote down the carol so that he should never forget how beautiful it was.

That much of Brother Heinrich's Christmas could be fact; the rest is invention - though choir directors might agree that their choir contains at least one donkey, with vocal resources just as limited as Sigismund's. No doubt it is too much to expect that, as a general rule, the angels will come to the rescue of every composer up against a tight deadline ... but, on Christmas Night, anything might be possible. ~ J.R. Cambridge, 1985

Brother Helmrich's ChristmasOn Christmas Eve, at the 7:00 service, a Narrator, Lou Kolb; Brother Heinrich, Nick Buckman; Sigismund (the donkey), Annika Waffenschmidt; Brother Joseph, Stefan Weber; an Abbot, Declan Jones; an Archbishop, Pr. Elkin; several Monks, Jacob Schreckengast, Owen Gair, Ben Haussmann, Stefan Weber, Sean Jensen, and Jonah Schreckengast; some Singing Angels, Anna Zeigler, Taylor Wentzel, Makensi Doebler, Grace Schreckengast, Laura Zeigler, Sadie Wentzel, and Hannah Haussmann (also dance leader); and a few more Dancing Angels, Elizabeth Haussmann, Liam Elkin, Levi Gair, Emma Elkin, Gabriella Gregory, and Abbigail Robertson brought the legend of the writing of this lovely carol to life. Their singing was accompanied by instrumentalists Laura Schreckengast (clarinet), Sara Jones (flute), and Donna Elkin (piano and musical director). The presentation was directed and designed by Bernadette Jones.

Everyone did an excellent job and we thank them for giving so generously of their time and talent at that busy time of year.

Brother Helmrich's ChristmasBrother Helmrich's Christmas