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  Renewal of Baptism - At the Easter Vigil, Richard Bates, Jr. renewed his baptismal promises and returned to St. Mark's.  (Read more...)


  Milestone Moment: Blessing of the Car Keys - On September 26, 2021 we honored and congratulated Owen Gair with the Blessing of the Young Driver and Car Keys.  (Read more...)


  Recognizing High School Graduate Sean Jensen - St. Marks was  delighted to recognize Sean Jensen as a high school graduate of St. Mark's on June 6, 2021.   (Read more...)


  Pastor Vasey Celebrates 35 years of Ordination - The Reverend Brian D. Vasey, pastor of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Williamsport, is marking the 35th anniversary of his Ordination to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament.  (Read more...)


  Finley Matthew Hanford Baptized - On Saturday, January 16, 2021, in the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, we welcomed into the Family of God, Finley Matthew Hanford.  (Read more...)


  St. Mark's Parish House Celebrates 80 Years - When dedicated in 1940, the Parish House of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Williamsport was called “one of best equipped and up-to-date parish and educational houses.” It has served the congregation for 80 years.  (Read more...)


  St. Mark's Building Attains Milestone - Founded in 1852, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Williamsport, is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the dedication of its current sanctuary located at the foot of the Market Street bridge.  (Read more...)


  Welcoming Finley Stugart Through Baptism - On Sunday December 15, 2019, we welcomed Finley Brielle Stugart through the Sacrament of Holy Baptism.  (Read more...)


  70+, SINGLE AND STILL PRAISING GOD - On Sunday, August 18, we celebrated seniors who are widowed, divorced, or were never married, for their years of service and friendship.  (Read more...)


  Farewell and Godspeed to Bookkeeper Graydon Yearick - St Mark’s Financial Secretary, Graydon Yearick, for nine years has watched over the finances.  (Read more...)


  All the Languages of the Good News Milestone - On February 10, 2019, we celebrated the milestone, "All the Languages of the Good News" with Dallas Hanford and Brennan Comerford.  (Read more...)


  Faith Chest Milestone Celebrated - This milestone was celebrated by Theodore Comerford. He, along with his parents, received his Faith Chest.  (Read more...)


  Blessing of the Keys - On Sunday, October 7, 2018, Taylor Wentzel, Hannah Haussmann and Sadie Wentzel came before the congregation after having successfully completed the driver's exam, and asked for our prayers in the milestone we call Blessing of the Young Driver and Car Keys.  (Read more...)


  Milestone: Praising God for More than 70 years - "70+, single and still praising God" is a milestone celebration for seniors who are widowed or were never married. On Sunday, August 12, we honored them for their years of worship.   (Read more...)


  Progressions Milestone - 2018 is the year we send six of our young adults out in to the world. On June 10, we will hold them and their parents up in prayer, observing the Progressions Milestone.   (Read more...)


  Prayer Pillow Milestone - On Sunday, February 25, we celebrated the Prayer Pillow milestone. The recipients this year were Asher Buckman, Max Applegate, Alverda Comerford, and John Bower.  (Read more...)


  Progressions Milestone - Zeigler Girls - On Sunday, August 20, the congregation celebrated the Progressions Milestone with Anna and Laura Zeigler,who will shortly be starting a new phase of life at college.  (Read more...)


  Pastor West Celebrates 35th Anniversary of Ordination - In June, Pastor West celebrated his 35th anniversary of ordination. The milestone was recognized at the Synod Assembly at Susquehanna College, on June 16, 2017.  (Read more...)


  Wedding Anniversary Milestone - On Sunday, May 14, Carl & Audrey Albright, Ron & Grace Arner, Skip & Gloria Greevy, and Wes & Sarah Young were honored because they had attained that special status of being married for 50+ years.  (Read more...)


  Progressions Milestone: Jacob Schreckengast is entering the Navy - On Sunday, April 23, 2017, we celebrated the Progressions Milestone, to mark the transition of one member of our congregation. Jacob Schreckengast has enlisted in the Navy, and will enter into his duties on May 1.  (Read more...)