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12.20.2009 - Christmas Eve 2009

12.19.2009 - Trees of Hope

12.19.2009 - Kids Day out

12.13.2009 - Caroling & Cookies

12.1.2009 - Advent Wreaths 2009

11.23.2009 - A Day of Milestones

11.2.2009 - Honoring our Saints

10.31.2009 - New Confirmands Recognized

10.4.2009 - Blanket Sunday

9.23.2009 - Welcome to Missionary Bette McCrandall

9.22.2009 - St. Mark's Organ Celebrates 70 Years

9.18.2009 - St. Mark's Welcomes Bishop Driesen

9.16.2009 - Five Confirmed

9.10.2009 - The Progressions Milestone

9.8.2009 - Grand Slam Parade

9.8.2009 - Confirmation Camp

8.28.2009 - Summer Choir Camp a Success!

7.23.2009 - American Rescue Workers Forum

7.23.2009 - Thrivent Build - 2009

7.8.2009 - Independence Day Hospitality

7.6.2009 - You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

6.19.2009 - At the picnic!

6.15.2009 - St. Mark's Vacation Bible School 2009

5.26.2009 - 2009 Woman and Children's Banquet

5.22.2009 - New Council Members Elected

5.7.2009 - 2008-09 Annual Report posted

5.2.2009 - Clothing Sale Success

4.26.2009 - Church Yard Work Day 2009

4.21.2009 - Iron Chef Williamsport

4.14.2009 - Annual Easter Egg Hunt

4.12.2009 - Two Baptisms at the Easter Vigil

4.11.2009 - The Passover Seder

4.10.2009 - Crosses for Palm Sunday

4.9.2009 - Pysanky!!

4.1.2009 - Blessing of the Keys - Katie Schmitt

4.1.2009 - United Campus Ministry "Mission Possible"

3.30.2009 - Catechetical Adventure

3.25.2009 - The Spoon of Doom Challenge for Family Promise

2.24.2009 - Catechetical Retreat 2009

2.19.2009 - St. Mark’s Lions put on a good show!

2.15.2009 - Video Testament: Pastor Elkin discusses Mark

1.26.2009 - We Went Bowling!

1.12.2009 - Passing on Faith: REMEMBRANCE of BAPTISM 2009

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The organ in its original setting in the 1896 churchIt's an anniversary!
Möller Organ Sees 70th Year

It is time to celebrate the faithful work of part of the St. Mark's family that makes the widest variety of sound. It is the seventieth anniversary of our organ that was built by the Möller Organ Company in 1939.  For the past seventy years our magnificent organ has inspired and made possible the wonderful music that has been at the heart of our worship services, special events, weddings, funerals, concerts and a variety of other occasions.

Removing the organThe original Möller was installed in the old church in 1939 during the pastorate of the Rev. Dr. J. Ray Houser and was removed in April of 1959 to the Möller factory in Hagerstown, Maryland in order to be completely redesigned and rebuilt for the new church. The console was also rebuilt and refinished in blond oak and mounted on a moveable platform for use in concerts and other musical programs.

When you listen to the beautiful music that emanates from the instrument, you can easily forget the very intricate system of pipes that make it possible. The chancel organ comprises the four main divisions in a chamber 41 feet wide, 28 feet high at its apex and 9 feet deep. Two of the organ divisions are enclosed with shades or shutters which permit control of the tone.

Organist Fred Snell with the youth choir - 1947The 2682 pipes in the organ are given voice by air blown into large reservoirs by an electric blower located in the church basement. Each of the 75 stops and 19 couplers which are arranged around the organist at the console control a rank of pipes (32 or 73 pipes per rank) or one of the many mechanical devices such as sub, super or unison couplers which make the modern organ so flexible. Under the manuals are located 37 pistons, as well as 18 more over the pedal keyboard which provide an infinite variety of tonal changes at the touch of a finger or a foot.

During those seven decades just two men have served St. Mark’s as organist and choir director. Frederick A. Snell in the early years and Richard J. Lakey for the last many years.  Indeed, in April 2007, Mr. Lakey was recognized for his 30 years of service.

The sounds of the notes coming from our unique console, the wonderful acoustics of our nave and the exceptional talents of our organists, past and present have help all of us at St. Mark’s to “sing to the Lord” and inspire our worship for many years in the past and with God’s help for years to come.

Dick Lakey at the organ console - July 4, 2007To commemorate the anniversary, St. Mark's is in the middle of a month-long celebration of this musical treasure in the heart of Williamsport. On each of the past three Sundays, Mr. Lakey has played one or more of the longer compositions by J.S. Bach, some of the premier works for organ: the Toccata and Fugue in d minor on September 6, the g minor Fugue on September 13, and the Toccata, Adagio and Fugue on September 20, 2009. In addition, the service on September 13 concluded with the Westminster Carillon of Louis Vierne, a grand work. The Prelude and Fugue in D major will be performed on September 27.

On September 27 a brief program following the service featured a video of the interior of the organ, the parts that no one gets to see because they are behind the east wall of the chancel. The organ is a large and marvelous instrument, one of the most complex things ever made by man before recent times. Mr. Lakey assisted with demonstration of how the instrument is operated.  See the video.

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