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Dez 28 - Christmas Outreach Report

Dez 27 - Christmas Carol Success

Dez 10 - Making Advent Wreaths

Dez 2 - First Communion Celebrated

Nov 8 - Operation Christmas Child, Pack ‘N’ Wrap

Nov 8 - Annual Corning Glass Museum Trip

Nov 1 - All Saints Sunday

Okt 30 - Scenes from Consecration Sunday Breakfast

Okt 29 - Riding the Hay Wagon

Okt 18 - Hannah and Taylor produce quilt for charity

Okt 18 - Crop Walk 2014

Okt 16 - Wilderness Escape VBS Recap - PHOTOS POSTED!

Okt 5 - Harvest Home Sunday - Blanket Sunday

Okt 1 - Going Fishing! Photos from the fishing derby.

Sep 28 - Signing with the Cross: New Catechetical Students

Sep 15 - Fall Bazaar a Success!

Sep 7 - Five Young Ladies Confirmed in 2014

Aug 31 - 70+, SINGLE AND STILL PRAISING GOD milestone

Aug 28 - Sunday School Season! Classes resume September 7

Aug 18 - 2014 School of Religion Scheduled

Aug 6 - Progressions Milestone

Jul 23 - Recognizing our volunteers

Jul 13 - Cooking with blueberries!

Jul 4 - July 4 Hospitality

Jun 8 - St. Mark's Summer picnic

Mai 28 - Congratulations to our Graduates!!

Mai 28 - Wilderness Escape VBS at St. Mark's

Mai 8 - The 2014 St. Mark's Directory is (Finally!) here

Apr 20 - Egg hunt and breakfast cheer kids

Apr 12 - Catechetical Trip to Gettysburg

Apr 12 - Easter Candy Making

Mrz 30 - Holy Week Services Scheduled

Mrz 26 - 2014 Iron Chef Williamsport Competition

Mrz 12 - Roller Skating Outing

Mrz 1 - Pictorial Directory Submitted for Publication

Feb 23 - Iron Chef Williamsport competition anticipated

Feb 23 - Prayer Pillows!

Feb 20 - Ezra and Gillian attend Youth Quake/Zone

Feb 1 - Commemorating Baptism with Faith Chests

Jan 15 - We were smitten by the number of mittens!

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St. Mark's Crop Walkers: Devin Owen, Stephen Boone, Karen Boone, Barb Thomas, Mindy Wentzel, Brenda Gair, Michelle Owen, Laura Schreckengast, Ben Haussmann and Jonah and Grace Schreckengast.Crop Walk 2014

St. Mark's crew walks to raise funds to end hunger


The Greater Lycoming County CROP Hunger Walk took place on the afternoon of October 12, 2014.  St. Mark's Crop Walkers included Pastor Elkin, Devin Owen, Stephen and Karen Boone, Barb Thomas, Mindy Wentzel, Brenda Gair, Michelle Owen, Laura Schreckengast, Ben Haussmann and Jonah and Grace Schreckengast.

Everyone met at St. Mark's, where the walk started. Walks were 3-10 miles long, and followed the River Walk. Walkers from many local churches and Synagogues participated.

The walkers took pledges and walked to earn the pledge money.

The Crop Walk is sponsored by Church World Service and local walks are organized by religious groups, businesses, schools and others to raise funds to end hunger in the U.S. and around the world.

CROP Hunger Walks help to support the overall ministry of Church World Service, especially grassroots, hunger-fighting development efforts around the world. In addition, each local CROP Hunger Walk can choose to return up to 25 percent of the funds it raises to hunger-fighting programs in its own community.

CROP Hunger Walks help to provide food and water, as well as resources that empower people to meet their own needs. From seeds and tools, to wells and water systems, to technical training and micro-enterprise loans, the key is people working together to identify their own development priorities, their strengths and their needs – something CWS has learned through some 68 years of working in partnership around the world.