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12.28.2014 - Christmas Outreach Report

12.27.2014 - Christmas Carol Success

12.10.2014 - Making Advent Wreaths

12.2.2014 - First Communion Celebrated

11.8.2014 - Operation Christmas Child, Pack ‘N’ Wrap

11.8.2014 - Annual Corning Glass Museum Trip

11.1.2014 - All Saints Sunday

10.30.2014 - Scenes from Consecration Sunday Breakfast

10.29.2014 - Riding the Hay Wagon

10.18.2014 - Hannah and Taylor produce quilt for charity

10.18.2014 - Crop Walk 2014

10.16.2014 - Wilderness Escape VBS Recap - PHOTOS POSTED!

10.5.2014 - Harvest Home Sunday - Blanket Sunday

10.1.2014 - Going Fishing! Photos from the fishing derby.

9.28.2014 - Signing with the Cross: New Catechetical Students

9.15.2014 - Fall Bazaar a Success!

9.7.2014 - Five Young Ladies Confirmed in 2014

8.31.2014 - 70+, SINGLE AND STILL PRAISING GOD milestone

8.28.2014 - Sunday School Season! Classes resume September 7

8.18.2014 - 2014 School of Religion Scheduled

8.6.2014 - Progressions Milestone

7.23.2014 - Recognizing our volunteers

7.13.2014 - Cooking with blueberries!

7.4.2014 - July 4 Hospitality

6.8.2014 - St. Mark's Summer picnic

5.28.2014 - Congratulations to our Graduates!!

5.28.2014 - Wilderness Escape VBS at St. Mark's

5.8.2014 - The 2014 St. Mark's Directory is (Finally!) here

4.20.2014 - Egg hunt and breakfast cheer kids

4.12.2014 - Catechetical Trip to Gettysburg

4.12.2014 - Easter Candy Making

3.30.2014 - Holy Week Services Scheduled

3.26.2014 - 2014 Iron Chef Williamsport Competition

3.12.2014 - Roller Skating Outing

3.1.2014 - Pictorial Directory Submitted for Publication

2.23.2014 - Iron Chef Williamsport competition anticipated

2.23.2014 - Prayer Pillows!

2.20.2014 - Ezra and Gillian attend Youth Quake/Zone

2.1.2014 - Commemorating Baptism with Faith Chests

1.15.2014 - We were smitten by the number of mittens!

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Confirmands with their mentors 

Five Young Ladies Confirmed in 2014

Makensi Doebler, Grace Schreckengast, Taylor Wentzel, Sadie Wentzel, and Annika Waffenschmidt complete catechetical studies


Makensi Doebler, Grace Schreckengast, Taylor Wentzel, Sadie Wentzel, and Annika Waffenschmitt with Pastor Elkin and Lou DeSeau After two years of work, five young members of the congregation were confirmed at the 10:30 AM service on September 7, 2014. These young people became full members of St. Mark's with all the rights and responsibilities that follow their commitment.

ConfirmationStudents being confirmed in their faith were: Makensi Doebler, Grace Schreckengast, Taylor Wentzel, Sadie Wentzel, and Annika Waffenschmidt. Their mentors were Michele Owen, Donna Elkin, Jane Kline, Michele Fredericks, and Diana Zeigler, respectively.

The confirmands were offered the congratulations of the congregation and their families. Please pray for them and encourage them on the occasion of this important step in their lives.

Confirmands with Pastor ElkinThe confirmation process at St. Mark's involves close interaction between the confirmands and a mentor, who works with the student and provides moral support and a good example. At monthly meetings, the mentor and student review bible and discuss readings, and also participate in learning games. Studies continue during regular weekly Sunday School sessions. Special, intense studies and observations occur during Confirmation Camp and the annual field trip.

Congratulating the confirmandsIn Confirmation, those being confirmed recognize and affirm the baptism they received as children and take personal responsibility for living out the promises their parents made at their baptism. Confirmands profess their faith and make promises before God to love, trust and serve God and Christ. As an adult member of Christ's family, confirmands express their intentions to live among God's faithful people, attend to God's worship, and show the Gospel in lives of faithful service.

The confirmands' favorite deserts were provided by the families, for the enjoyment of the congregation, in Fellowship Hall after the service.

Confirmation hospitalityConfirmation hospitality