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12.28.2014 - Christmas Outreach Report

12.27.2014 - Christmas Carol Success

12.10.2014 - Making Advent Wreaths

12.2.2014 - First Communion Celebrated

11.8.2014 - Operation Christmas Child, Pack ‘N’ Wrap

11.8.2014 - Annual Corning Glass Museum Trip

11.1.2014 - All Saints Sunday

10.30.2014 - Scenes from Consecration Sunday Breakfast

10.29.2014 - Riding the Hay Wagon

10.18.2014 - Hannah and Taylor produce quilt for charity

10.18.2014 - Crop Walk 2014

10.16.2014 - Wilderness Escape VBS Recap - PHOTOS POSTED!

10.5.2014 - Harvest Home Sunday - Blanket Sunday

10.1.2014 - Going Fishing! Photos from the fishing derby.

9.28.2014 - Signing with the Cross: New Catechetical Students

9.15.2014 - Fall Bazaar a Success!

9.7.2014 - Five Young Ladies Confirmed in 2014

8.31.2014 - 70+, SINGLE AND STILL PRAISING GOD milestone

8.28.2014 - Sunday School Season! Classes resume September 7

8.18.2014 - 2014 School of Religion Scheduled

8.6.2014 - Progressions Milestone

7.23.2014 - Recognizing our volunteers

7.13.2014 - Cooking with blueberries!

7.4.2014 - July 4 Hospitality

6.8.2014 - St. Mark's Summer picnic

5.28.2014 - Congratulations to our Graduates!!

5.28.2014 - Wilderness Escape VBS at St. Mark's

5.8.2014 - The 2014 St. Mark's Directory is (Finally!) here

4.20.2014 - Egg hunt and breakfast cheer kids

4.12.2014 - Catechetical Trip to Gettysburg

4.12.2014 - Easter Candy Making

3.30.2014 - Holy Week Services Scheduled

3.26.2014 - 2014 Iron Chef Williamsport Competition

3.12.2014 - Roller Skating Outing

3.1.2014 - Pictorial Directory Submitted for Publication

2.23.2014 - Iron Chef Williamsport competition anticipated

2.23.2014 - Prayer Pillows!

2.20.2014 - Ezra and Gillian attend Youth Quake/Zone

2.1.2014 - Commemorating Baptism with Faith Chests

1.15.2014 - We were smitten by the number of mittens!

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VBS 2014Wilderness Escape VBS Recap

Many more photos!


WILDERNESS ESCAPE Vacation Bible School was held Monday, July 21, through Friday, July 25. We had a great time! Most of the children were from outside of St. Mark’s, when asked how they found out about us, they answered “the billboard!” One family responded to the banner on Via Bella. Youth newly stepping into leadership roles were Taylor Wentzel (in one of the craft booths, after the Jones family became disabled), Jacob Schreckengast (crafts), Stefan Weber and Evan Barone (games).

VBS 2014Bernadette would like to extend special thanks to her own, Schreckengast and Zeigler families, without whom VBS would have been seriously hindered.

Makensi Doebler, Grace Schreckengast, Sara Jones, Jacob Schreckengast, and Hayley Springer worked hard during the June workday/overnight.

 VBS 2014Dan Zeigler (Moses) and Bob Jones (Whiner) creatively told the story of how God helped the Israelites to escape Egypt and survive through the wilderness. The many props for this were, thankfully, collected by Kathy Eshelman The VBS coordinator from Calvary Baptist Church, Elizabeth Paulhamus, created wonderful palm trees for the Israelite camp's oasis, helped us paint, and loaned us a realistic” fire” for Moses ' tent. At the end of the week, many of our things went with her for their VBS the 3rd week of August. Great cooperative efforts!

We renewed acquaintances with old friends, made some new friends, and got to know our church family better! Two dozen children and over a dozen youth were involved. The mission offerings were again for Heifer International (we’re awaiting an official count). It was a week full of fun and love.

The following volunteers were just amazing and we couldn’t have had such a successful VBS without them:

Bob Miller
Janet Jones
Vicki Haussmann
Jonah Schreckengast
Sadie Wentzel
Anna Zeigler
Stefan Weber
Grace Schreckengast
Makensi Doebler
Shirley Hill
Lucille Weaver
Gillian Buckman
Dylan Ott
Pr. Elkin
Linda DeSeau
Connie Shaible
Hayley Springer
Laura Schreckengast
Sara Jones
Evan Barone
Laura Zeigler
Michele Owen
Dan Zeigler
Declan Jones
Jungwha Kim
Wanda Fortin
Ben Haussmann
Bob Jones
Ken Schreckengast
Lou DeSeau
Taylor Wentzel
Ben Haussmann
Hannah Haussmann
Brandon Fortin
Melanie Santo
Brenda Gair
Bob Jones
Matt Fortin
Kathy Eshelman
Bob Jones
Jacob Schreckengast
Mel & Mindy Wentzel
Donna Elkin
Deb Buckman
Diana Zeigler

VBS 2014