St. Mark's Lutheran Church

Pastors Ziegler, Welker, Fahs, Lampe & Horne.

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Pastors Rickert, Yount, Kunkle, Rick & Miller.


"The English Evangelical Lutheran Church of Williamsport, Penna. was organized March 7, A. D. 1852, by adopting a Creed of Essentials, and a Form of Government & Discipline."

~ H. Ziegler, Pastor

Pastors Rickert, Milller, Horne, Kunkle & Fahs pose in the chancel on the Golden Jubilee
				 (1902) With those words, The Rev. Henry Ziegler opened the records of the Church that is now known as St. Mark's Lutheran Church.  Although Rev. Ziegler was Pastor of the new church for only about a year, he was perhaps typical of the Pastors who have since served the Parish.  Rev. Ziegler was a scholar who is believed to have organized seven Lutheran Churches, and who later became one of the founders of the Missionary Institute, Selinsgrove, Pa. (a forerunner of Susquehanna University).

Paster Houser, Organist Snell, Paster HasskarlThe longest serving Pastors, Rev. Ray Houser and Rev. Frederick Hasskarl each conducted services at St. Marks for 26 years, in the middle of the 20th Century.  Both were well known and loved members of the Greater Williamsport Community.

Recently retired Rev. Kenneth Elkin continued in the tradition of his predecessors.  Pastor Elkin was particularly interested in sacred music and served the congregation for 20 years.

The current Pastor Brian Vasey joined St. Mark's in November 2019.

The Church's archival records contain many documents and photographs that memorialize the service of its Pastors to the Congregation.  The History Committee has gathered here many of those records for public examination.

Pastors Bosch, Hasskarl, Houser, Neumeyer and Sisters Hess, Winter, Swinehart,Sheperson & Dunlap in the late 1950's.