St. Mark's Lutheran Church

St. Mark's Pastors

Stephen PaulsonThe Rev. Stephen Paulson came to St. Mark’s on May 15, 1903 and served as pastor for 8 years until 1911. During this time 419 new members were added to the roster, and after a very successful pastorate here, he resigned to accept a call to St. Michael’s Lutheran Church of Germantown, Pennsylvania.

Stephen Paulson - 1907As a testimony to Dr. Paulson’s talents, culture and learning, we want to mention his authorship of weekly sermons appearing in GRIT beginning in 1905, and last appearing on February 8, 1959..

One report indicates that Rev. Paulson served as  Rev. dean of Hartwick Lutheran Theological Seminary in Brooklyn.  He returned to the church for the centennial celebration in 1952.

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