St. Mark's Lutheran Church

St. Mark's Pastors

Rev. Robert A. Miller - 1963Rev. Robert A. Miller - 1990Rev. Robert Ardell Miller

Rev. Robert A. Miller was called to serve as Assistant Pastor in 1963 and he served in that position until 1967.





Rev. Jesse G. Houck, III

Rev. Jesse G. Houck, IIIRev. Houck joined St. Mark's in 1971 as Associate Pastor.  He graduated from Gettysburg College in 1964 and from The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia in 1968.

He served the St. Mark's congregation until 1976, when he moved on to St. Paul Lutheran Church, Telford, Pennsylvania.

In 2007, Rev. Houck retired as Pastor of St. Mark Lutheran Church in Hamilton Township, New Jersey.