St. Mark's Lutheran Church

St. Mark's Pastors

St. Mark's archive includes these photographs related to Pastor Rick . . .

Paster Rick laying in stateRick MemorialLeft: Pastor Rick laying in state before the pulpit of St. Mark’s in August 1898.  More than 4,000 persons paid tribute while the body lay in state.

 Right: Pastor Rick memorial.

Rev. RickAwaiting the return of Rev. RickLeft:  Captain Rick on duty. 

Right: The caption on this photo: "Williamsport sadly awaits return of its dying Chaplain Wm. Rick (typhoid) and its other sick and wounded Spanish War Veterans.  1898.  Park Hotel Station, now Park Home.  Side and rear.  Trinity Church."

Col. James Coryell.  Chaplain Wm. Rick.  Ralph MaltzPastor Rick and his wife (?) Left: The caption:  "Col. James Coryell.  Chaplain Wm. Rick.  Ralph Maltz, 685 1st Ave. Wmsport.  Taken by J. B. Hanks."

Right: Pastor Rick and his wife (?).